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Who is this write up for ?
Anyone who needs to make secure http(s) calls behind the scene easily. If you need to communicate with a SSL secured endpoint for some reason you might find this useful in your solution.

A sample use case

Let me share you my story in short why I appealed this use. The open source middleware we have been using in the corp has a commercial extension for submitting anything to http(s) endpoints. …

Creating Java classed from JSON dynamically.
Creating Java classed from JSON dynamically.
Creating Java classes from JSON dynamically.

The need,history…
We were designing a new microservice recently and decided to try a new approach instead of using a shared lib for data structures we use commonly. As you know from many projects, some interfaces and classes are being shared as proxy classes mostly with a naming convention as shared.jar/sharedlib… and similar. DTOs (Data Transfer Objects) are typical examples.

It’s another discussion in DDD (Domain Driven Design) having shared libs, but it’s also an undeniable fact as we need shared things at intersections, and it’s acceptable in some level. Duplication is an option but we thought we could generate…

Is it a good deployment practice to rely on Env files for Angular2+ ?

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No doubt all Angular2+ developer know about different environments dev,prod,,,,myEnv environments. Official documentation encourage developers to follow a practice to compile code for different environments.

see official doc at


Having env.ts as a typescript file has a clear, dynamic modification advantage since you can have programming functionality in it and it’s not a static file. However, angular cli will compile it and embed everything into your minified and uglified code. This is not something we really demand in DevOps in general…

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